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Did you know Monroe Regional Hospital - Outpatient Pharmacy can:


Save you the most money on your prescription drugs


Offer free medication consultation by our dedicated pharmacy team


Mail deliver to your home free of charge


Monroe Regional Hospital - Outpatient Pharmacy

Our Mission

We serve to provide care and assistance to those in need and act as advocates for healthcare change.


340B is a drug pricing program that allows Monroe Regional Hospital (MRH) to purchase medications at a discounted price allow us to stretch scarce federal resources and expand services.

Due to the discounted medications, MRH is able to keep prescription prices low for patients who may need assistance paying out-of-pocket for life saving prescriptions.

You are eligible if you have seen a provider affiliated with MRH and your visit is on file with MRH.

More healthcare services can be provided by MRH to more patients, regardless of their ability to pay.

Refill a Prescription

Check out the website/phone app Refill RX to refill your prescriptions.

Transfer a Prescription

Interested in transferring your prescriptions to our pharmacy? 

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Kim Patterson, PharmD

Monroe Regional Hospital - Outpatient Pharmacy

Kim Patterson is MRH – OP’s Pharmacy Manager. Dr. Patterson is a PharmD graduate from the University of Mississippi with over 15 years of retail pharmacy experience. She has been married to Michael since 2010, and they have two beautiful boys. Kim provides care and comfort for her patients by searching for assistance programs, providing medication consultation, and working closely with healthcare providers to ensure patients receive the best possible care. She and her staff strive for excellence with every patient. During Kim’s father’s battle with cancer, she admired how the Pharmacist worked closely with her mom, which motivated her to become one herself. Now a Pharmacist, Kim is excited about the opportunity to provide the same care and support to her patients at Monroe Regional Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy. 

Satellite Locations

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Pharmacy Satellite locations at
Monroe Regional Hospital – Houlka


Contact a live Pharmacist: 662-510-4221

Fax: 662-279-8562

Pharmacy Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. 

MRH – Outpatient Pharmacy:
502 Jackson Street STE 1, Aberdeen, MS 39730